4 Jun 2011

The Saturday Snap: Secret Garden

This last week I went to London Zoo in Regents Park.  Have you been to this zoo recently?  It's changed a lot (for the better) since I was last there - unsurprisingly, as it's been quite a while since my last visit. (We're talking years, not months, here.)  I used to go and sketch there while my (then) baby son slept in his buggy (or I'd practise speed sketching while he watched the animals as a toddler). It used to feel very wrong and very grey, with all the compounds made of brutal concrete and very little vegetation. I felt so sorry for the animals, cooped up in that grey world but still able to see the park beyond the fences, so close but so far. So it was a very lovely surprise to rediscover the zoo as a beautifully lush and verdant space with lakes, shrubs, planting and grass at every turn - so much so that it was sometimes hard to spot the animals!   Of course, I completely forgot that it was half-term as well as the London tourist season and therefore the zoo became very crowded - but not before I'd happened upon an oasis of calm in the children's section. Not only, wow!, a giant 4 foot high flowerpot in the entrance but written on it a verse which summed up my thoughts on why I garden.  So this week's Saturday Snap (and verse) is

The Secret Garden

Secret Garden Flowerpot

The secret garden is a place
Where time moves at a slower pace.
Flowers sway, Leaves rustle,
Away from all the noise and bustle.

Ah, yes, my sentiments exactly. 


  1. How lovely. Not been to the zoo in years, perhaps it's time for a visit.

  2. I've not been to the zoo in years!
    That's a great looking flowerpot...is there anything in it?
    I like the words, they're my sentiments as well! Flighty xx

  3. Rachel, if you can fit a visit in during term time, it's a very peaceful place to visit, especially with small children or a sketchbook. (Although, like most things today, it's quite pricey to get in.)

    The flowerpot was very eye catching Flighty, although I was disappointed to see that the thyme planted in it had been allowed to die off in the drought. I might have to have a word with their gardeners .... ;o)

    Caro xx


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