28 May 2011

The Saturday Snap

Recycling. Save the Planet, blah, blah. Everyone's getting the idea nowadays, aren't they?  But instead of just chucking your rubbish out into specific bags or bins, or throwing clutter out to the charity shops, how about a bit of genuine creative UP-cycling - or is it re-using?  Gardeners have been doing this for years, saving handy bits of wood, mesh, etc.  So when I saw this on a recent visit to the City Farm, I had a quiet chuckle to myself.  Today's (two for the price of one) Saturday Snap/s are ...

Raised Beds!

Raised bed
Timber framed with bedknob?
or, below, metal bedhead with knobs?
Raised bed

Have a jolly gardening weekend everyone!


  1. I agree with Damo! I used a wooden headboard on the plot, and have seen other old bed bits used elsewhere on the allotments. Flighty xx


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