25 Jun 2011

Saturday Snap: Pond Life

I've been having a Dorothy moment this past week;  you know, the bit where the whirlwind picks her up and whirls her around until she's plonked down in Oz (on the witch). Well, I've been whirling here and there, squeezing in time for friends and visits from family, waiting in for repair men, catching up with the bookwork (essential, but OMG, yawn), working, baking (this, I suspect, was a diversion from the paperwork), crocheting, crafting (beaded bracelets while babysitting), repotting, weeding, etc, and have finally taken to carrying packets of seeds in my pockets so that I can sprinkle a few around even I only manage a few moments in the Veg Patch.  (Actually, a very effective tactic.)

So when I found the time to visit the City Farm on Tuesday (the sun came out), with a small charge in tow, it was soooo nice to lie on the sun-warmed wooden deck, next to the nature pond and quietly peer down into the dark murky depths to see if we could spot any tadpoles. We've been visiting on and off for a while now so I knew they would be there but I wasn't sure whether the tadpoles had become little frogs yet. (Science was never my strong subject.) 

At first there was little to see - some pond skaters and water boatmen, a few ripples and bubbles from under the water - but finally our patience and whispering were rewarded. This little guy floated up to the surface long enough for me to take a snap, before he slowly swum away and submerged.


I think it will be a few more weeks before any frogs are seen as he hasn't begun to get legs yet but the visit gave me the perfect excuse to stop whirling and lie still in this tranquil spot to watch and listen. Curious how the pond always seems to be a place of calm while the rest of the farm goes about its busy working day just a few metres away.

Now I've just got to whirl down to the Veg Patch as it's almost July (where did June go?) and I need to do another veg patch overview.

Toodle pip,
Caro x

P.S. More City Farm photos on Flickr and, in case you're wondering, I'm crocheting a granny square blanket, precisely because I can squeeze in a few stitches every now and then!


  1. Lovely blog Caro - I could do with a bit of that myself. Been in bad humour the last few days - can't find any extra space for veg waiting to go in, over-burdened with weeds, can't seem to get on top of the situation - I am in a love/hate mood with the garden at the moment. Mostly hate. I'm sure it will pass. But you look at other people's gardens and wonder how they keep it so pristine.

  2. Thanks Elaine. I hope your mood passes soon, although I don't think the weather is helping! I like to have a sunny potter most days and have been deprived this week so Tuesday's sunny peace and quiet was doubly appreciated! C x

  3. Hi Caro, pond does look very calming. Have decided to dig up a bed in my back garden where plants struggle in dry soil. Friend Colin is a dab hand, and is going to help me achieve this marvelous feat in July-can't wait to have my own watery domain full of tadpoles and many other pond creatures. Loved your post.V.best Naomi

  4. There's something almost magical about a pond isn't there! Flighty xx

  5. Hi Naomi, Great idea to replace dry soil with a pond; lucky you having a knowledgeable friend to help!

    Flighty - there certainly is - especially on a sunny day! I love the stillness and being by water. Having a warm deck to lie on doesn't go amiss either! xx


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