18 Jun 2011

Saturday Snap: Cherries in the rain

The weather here in North London over the last few days has been, on the whole, overcast grey skies yielding to heavy rain or drizzle. Sunshine has been rare or fleeting which makes me think that either they're having wonderful weather in the Midlands or that Gardeners World Live, held at the NEC in Birmingham and screened on BBC2 last night, was filmed earlier in the week - say, on Tuesday, when the sun shone for most of the day.

Yesterday was another on/off rainy day here and, as I meandered around the veg patch, the brilliant pop of colour provided by the cherries and strawberries really caught my attention. The cherries appear to colour up more each day and, as I weeded around the base of the trees, a cheeky sparrow crept up to peck at the fruit. Definitely time to get the nets out.  (Overdue, I know!) It was starting to rain more heavily so I nipped home for my jacket and grabbed my camera at the same time. So this is a Friday-Saturday Snap, it being too windy to photograph the heads of my fennel this morning.  Hope it cheers up the weekend for you all!

Morello Cherries

Don't be fooled by the tempting appearance of these fruits - Morello Cherries are sour and best for making pies and jam. I made the mistake of eating one last year - most unpleasantly, it really was sour!


  1. Another great snap Carolyn - the birds have all my cherries before I can get anywhere near them. The tree is far too big to net.

  2. Thanks Elaine! The cherry trees here are grown on dwarf rootstock so they shouldn't get taller than 12 ft-ish, which means the cherries will always be within reach! x

  3. My plot neighbour,Joe, has a big cherry tree which he always nets. This year there's a real abundance of fruit which is delicious so I'm glad that it's not a Morello! Flighty xx

  4. Great picture.

    From what I've heard there seems to be a bumper crop of cherries this year.


  5. I've tried to net the cherries, Flighty, as they looked so temptingly red, but the nets just seem to weigh the tree down, even when propped up on canes. I think a good pruning to strengthen the branches is needed next Spring!

    Martin, I'm hoping for an extra abundant crop next year - my cherries seem to keep falling from the tree, it's the blustery wind I hope!


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