20 Jul 2011

When it rains, it pours


I've been very lucky with the weather over the past few days; having been out to sow more seeds, the skies have obliged with a generous watering.  When I've needed courgette flowers, the sun has warmed the plant, the bees have appeared and fruits formed.  During a trip to the farm yesterday, we strolled in warm sunshine and I was able to take some Lemon Balm cuttings from their wild growing clumps. Safely back indoors, it rained during the afternoon.  Going out to pick sweet peas in the evening (having been told that picking encourages more flowers), I noticed that the nasturtiums were studded with diamonds!  Raindrops glittered on the waxy leaves and this water, puddled in the centre of a leaf, twinkled brightly like a large glass drop.

Even better, just as I was turning to go home, a bee buzzed along straight into an open female courgette flower to pollinate it!  Not a great photo, but lovely to see the bee doing his work and a magical moment to end the visit on.

Pollinating courgette flower

Today:  if the rain holds off, a bit of weeding and pruning is on the cards for me! Fingers crossed and happy gardening!


  1. Thank you Elaine! That sums up how I'm feeling today, peaceful and optimistic. (Actually, that's how I feel most days!) xx

  2. You should have damp ground from all that rain, which will make weeding much easier.

  3. Gosh I hope so, Jo - there seems a lot of weeds to tackle! I'm working on the areas under the fruit trees, clearing the area for winter veg.

  4. What a beautiful post, thanks for sharing your lovely vision!

  5. Sounds perfect, and a good reminder that sometimes the weather works for us and not, as it so often feels, against us...

  6. Keep picking the sweet peas or they'll stop flowering! It's the only flower that I cut and bring home.
    I really like water droplet pictures. I hope that you've had a good a day plotting as I have...see my tomorrow's post! Flighty xx

  7. Merewether, hello and welcome! Thanks for commenting so that I was able to find your blog well; I like to see what's happening in other countries.

    Janet, we have to embrace all weathers if our gardens are to flourish but yesterday was a tad too much even for me - we were awash in London yesterday!

    Flighty, I'm so pleased you advise picking sweet peas! I like to see flowers growing so it was a wrench to cut them but your advice has doubled the enjoyment of them at home. (In fact, I might go and get some more!)

  8. I haven't had much of a break from the rain at all! courgettes are going crazy! I'm picking all the time.

  9. Matron, I'm finding that I have just enough for me and a few to share with friends and neighbours so I'm very pleased with the results of a good downpour!


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