30 Apr 2010

Carrot Stick

After the international excitement of the kids' drawings, thanks to Archie's mum,  (K- would you like  a job in PR for the blog?  Might help pay for your phone bill!)  I must at least show you the drawings in situ:

The purple stick was chosen (after a quick zoom round the gardens with a hair-raising display of light-sabre skills) (by Archie, not me) (although the idea is quite appealing) and knocked into place.  I held the hammer… you know, just in case.   And, lest you think that I've got my seed packets in a muddle, the carrot seeds were sprinkled in between the onions.  I'm testing to see if the smell will confuse the carrot fly.

So two celebrity tips there - stick idea a là Sarah Raven (as seen at Perch Hill); companion planting as mentioned by Alys Fowler in The Edible Garden (Wed, 8.00 p.m. BBC).

And for the blog's newest international fan, Archie digging holes with his mum's bulb planter (there's no curbing that boy's enthusiasm!):


  1. Archie!!! The drawing is amazing!! He looks like he's got stuck right in and enjoying himself!! It would be good to see other kids getting involved. They would learn a thing or two. This is reminiscent of how things used to be here years ago.

  2. Ryan, in not so sunny Melbourne8 June 2010 at 11:09

    There he is again! I always knew he'd be a good hole-digger! As for the light-sabre display, that doesn't sound like something Archie would do (yeah right...)?!!

    I was in London last week so I actually saw the patch in person and I was very impressed with it. Archie was really keen to show me it as soon as I arrived.

    Keep up the good work!



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