13 Apr 2010

Can ya Dig it?

Some while ago, I signed up to that "Stop sending me piles of Junk which I then have to recycle" service, which means that when my lovely postie knocks at the door, he's usually delivering something nice.  Yesterday, at last, I received this envelope of joyfulness from the BBC:

I'm particularly looking forward to the Black Beauty Courgettes and Blue Lake French Beans if I can figure out where to squeeze them in.  The mixed Salad Leaves (Lettuce, Chard, Spinach, Mizuna), Chantenay Carrots and Sweet Genovese Basil will be grown in pots on my balcony (again, a few space issues) with a few seedlings heading over to my Mum and Dad's garden in Hampshire (along with Sweet Peas, Broad Beans and Peas). 

If you haven't received yours yet, don't panic.  I signed up to their newsletter last year and so put in my request in mid-March as soon as it was announced.  Unfortunately, the Dig In website now shows that the offer has closed as all the free seeds have gone…  which, I suppose, is good news as it would seem that lots of people are interested in growing their own grub - let's hope they actually sow the seeds!

If you didn't get round to signing up for the seeds, you can still follow along and get gardening advice and recipes, or track down the Dig It roadshow and claim your free packs there - but I'm guessing that y'all know that already as the Dig It thingy has been mentioned on all BBC gardening progs.

The Dig In website is here (opens in new tab)
The tour starts in Swansea this weekend.  Tour dates here. (opens in new tab)


  1. I've got my seeds too. They're different from last year, so that's good.

  2. Shall we have a "competition" to see who grows the biggest beanstalk? Not that I'm competitive or anything … ;)

  3. Would love to join in but was too late to sign up...I do have some black beauty courgette seedlings though that may be just about ready to go out on the plot soon....

  4. I love sweet peas but rarely grow them successfully so would really welcome some tips. What are the best seeds to buy for a really lovely sweet pea smell?

  5. Hello Lucky Sue! I'll let you have my Most Scented Sweet Pea findings in the summer. For now, I have a bumper pack of Mr. Fothergill's Sweet Pea Collection (Homebase, etc) which suggests that Cupani and Old Spice Mixed both have amazing scent. I've germinated these in toilet rolls on the kitchen windowsill, which makes them very easy to plant out. Caro x


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