16 Oct 2011

Well, colour me happy!

Excuse the gi-normous photo, but I couldn't resist! Everyone is relishing this lovely warm spell of weather and these are a few of the plants still brightening up the veg patch.  They're also causing me to carefully rethink my winter planting as I need the space but don't want to rip out plants (such as the nasturtiums) that are still flourishing! I've been told to be more ruthless but just can't. I'm happy to let nature take its course.

Another day of bright and breezy sunshine means my washing is flapping itself gently dry on the lines outside and I can hoof it down to the veg garden to sit on a warm wall and seed save over a coffee. Next up will be tidying and, perhaps, I might risk sowing a few spinach seeds, maybe some peas, pak choi and hardy carrots. I'm in an optimistic mood and looking forward to spending time in the garden. I won't post now until later next weekend; I'm away next week to look after my lovely dad while my beloved mum is in hospital. She's been very ill after a nasty fall which caused a bash to the head and she needs to be in hospital for a while;  I hope this lovely weather is putting a sparkle into her day as well and encouraging her to get better.

Happy gardening everyone, let's make the most of this warm autumn!
Caro x

Edited to add:  Ooops, I spoke too soon - it's just clouded over here!  (Still looking forward to gardening though!)


  1. Oh my goodness, that fall sounds nasty. I do hope your mum makes a quick recovery. Sending you all my very best wishes. I've enjoyed having some sunshine this weekend, it does wonders after the drizzly, miserable days we've had lately. It's nice to see some colour around too, though I'm sure lots of plants and insects are very confused at the moment. They certainly won't be ready for the onslaught of winter when it does finally put in an appearance.

  2. Jo, thank you for your good wishes. We're all hoping for the best for Mum, the rest is up to her. Never pleasant being in hospital, but it seems to be the best for her at the moment. Thank you. Caro x

  3. I hope you Mum is up and about soon, it will be nice to spend some time with your Dad. I pulled up the last of the marigolds today and felt like a murderer as there was still some blooms on them. But the garlic and shallots took priority! x

  4. Oh dear, poor old Mum - it's such a worry as your parents get older if you don't live nearby. Hope she gets better soon. Still plenty to see in your veg patch, it all looks lovely and sunny. Been excellent weather here to - I think we'll need it before the onslaught next week.

  5. Lovely photos!
    I hope that your mum soon recovers. Flighty xx

  6. Enjoy the time with your Dad...hope your Mum is better soon.

  7. Caro, these are lovely photos and something to smile at is just what is needed.

  8. Happy gardening Caro, enjoy your time with your Dad, and I hope your Mum makes a swift and complete recovery. I too am eyeing up still-flowering plants and failing to bring myself to rip them out to make way. I'm betting I get caught out by the turn in the weather, but for now, I will enjoy the warmth and flowers while I can!

  9. The weather has just been so beautiful. I'm loving your photos. I know what you mean about not wanting to take out plants but needing the space. Hope your mum makes a speedy recovery. Best wishes.

  10. Hi, and thanks so much for the support! The pinky purple flower is Amaranthus I think!

    Its unfortunately gone truly autumnal here, but I love the crisp mornings!

  11. Your photo is a beautiful celebration of autumm Caro. I know what you mean about not wanting to pull anything out before it has run its course :)

    I do hope that your mum is making a good recovery and that she is soon back home.

  12. Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes for my Mum's recovery; this kind of support means a huge amount to me and really shows what lovely friends can be made through shared interests of gardening and blogging. Mum is out of hospital and being cared for at home by family but I fear a full recovery will be very slow. Still, we hope for the best!

    Elaine, you summarised the situation exactly in saying it's a worry having elderly parents if you don't live nearby!

    Thank you, one and all; Hope you don't mind that I don't reply to each comment individually, I have a lot of catching up to do!

    Caro xx


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