15 Oct 2011

Saturday Snap! Chilli re-growth

Here in London, we're experiencing what I can only describe as a glorious summer's day.  Although there was a distinct snap in the air at the beginning of the day, there's real warmth in the sunshine.  All this lovely warmth and mild weather is completely confusing my plants.  There's me trying to make ready for the winter (which I'm sure is due fairly soon!) and the plants are seemingly putting in one last effort before this year's growing season ends.  Look what I found this morning on my chilli plant:

Chilli regrowing
:: October Chilli plant, regrowing nicely ::
There's actually half a dozen pods like this on this plant (better than it did in the summer!) This is a plant which is not protected in any way but just sits on my balcony where it gets a few hours of sunshine, when available, and is buffeted by wind!  These new pods are a couple of inches long already and I suspect would pack quite a punch when cooked!  The pods should mature to about 3 inches long, changing through a banana yellow colour to deep red.  I wonder how far they'll get before the weather changes?

There's also a fair amount of colour lingering in the veg patch and it was interesting to watch Monty D on Gardeners World last night talking about how much colour there is in his garden at Long Meadow.  I'm intrigued that his sweet peas are still flowering energetically - obviously, next year, I should be picking mine more often.  And, although I've already ordered my sweet peas for next year, I really liked the one named after Monty, a glorious deep red.  Yumm!  (I suspect I could squeeze a few in!)


  1. A glorious day indeed, and I spent another enjoyable morning on the plot!
    I picked the last of my sweet peas during the week. I'm surprised that Monty only picks his every ten days, and it'll be interesting to see how his trials do. Flighty xx

  2. The weather is just so lovely for the time of year, I can't help but wonder if it's setting us up for a fall! I still have a bit of colour in the form of cosmos, my sweet peas gave up a while ago but then again I didn't pick them regularly!

  3. I have never attempted to grow chillis out of doors - do you bring the plant in as it gets colder? I picked my sweet peas every two days and still couldn't keep up.

  4. A bonus indeed! I only got half a dozen chillis in the first place, perhaps I should have left them longer before consigning them to the compost bin xxx

  5. Snap, I found flowers on my chilli plants too. And like you I am torn between wanting to get on with winterising the garden and enjoying the warm weather and summer flowers.

    I'm now going to be really cheeky and ask you to add a "subscribe by email" link to your blog, because I keep missing posts... Pretty please?!

  6. Flighty, As a keen experimenter in the garden, I'm also intrigued to see how Monty's trials do. I wonder how he gets his to flower for so long! I've just read 'The Jewel Garden' so I know he grows masses of them; perhaps we'll find out during his experiment!

    Garden Smallholder, I think you're right! I remember when my son was small, the weather was hot throughout October then, on the 1st November, suddenly plummeted into winter! Cloches at the ready, eh?

    Elaine, I don't have a greenhouse so have no option except to grow outdoors! If the weather turns much colder, I'll probably cover it overnight. I wonder, if relocated inside, it would keep going until next year? A perennial chilli, perhaps?

    Fran, welcome and thank you for joining my blog! The seasons are so jumbled up, it may well be worth leaving your chillis next year to see what happens!

    Janet, once more we're echoing each other in the garden! I've sent an email separately about email subscribing (it's in the right sidebar). Really pleased you like the blog enough to subscribe, I'm well chuffed at that! Thanks!

    Thanks for a really nice set of comments everyone!
    Caro x


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