24 Sept 2011

Saturday Snap: Just a Perfect Day

Actually, yesterday was the perfect day especially since it was also my day off! I was at liberty to go and drift through the veg patch making lists of what needed to be done.  I'd walked past earlier on my way to the recycling corner and been completely bowled over by how beautiful the garden looked in the morning sunshine.  So pencil, notepad and camera in hand I strolled, paused, sat, pondered, touched, ate, plucked (the odd weed) and planned.  Being Friday, with all the kids at school, it was so quiet in the garden that as I approached the Cerinthe planted next to the purple beans, I could clearly hear several bees busy collecting nectar.  The usual determination to gather every last drop of nectar was evident as they buzzed between the flowers.  And there I sat, on the ground, crouching low, camera in hand in the warm sunshine.  I have no idea how long I sat there because it was just ... perfect.

And this is what I came home with:

Aaaand on to the next one!

Finally! A clear and detailed photo of a bee in action!(Click on the photo and you'll be taken through to Flickr where you can see the photo in BIG full screen size.) Can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with this photo but it was a hard choice as I also snapped a ladybird dozing on a drying sunflower head, which is sort of cute and summed up the moment nicely.

Summer's end

Hope the weather stays good for us all, happy weekend everyone! (Our street party takes place today so I'm hoping to fit that in as well as gardening.)


  1. Hi Caro,
    Great shots - don't know how you do it - nothing stays still long enough for me. Just got back from hols - lots to catch up on both in the blogging world and in the garden - there just aren't enough hours in the day.

  2. Well done, I take lots of bee photos but rarely get any as good as that.
    The weather looks like staying good for a few days which is helpful.
    Enjoy your street party! Flighty xx

  3. Elaine, there were a few that got away! Also it was taken on one of those warm and drowsy days - even the bees felt it!

  4. Flighty, the street party went well and, like Cinderella, I stayed out dancing until midnight! Pleased the weather is holding, it means I can revive myself with a day in the garden. xx

  5. Wonderful photos. Hope you enjoyed the street party.

  6. Thank you, Jo. And yes, the street party was very enjoyable with some excellent music for dancing!

  7. Love the photo of the bee. I'm always taking photos of insects in the garden an don the plot but I've yet to get one in mid flight. You set me a challenge. Looks like the weather this weekend will provide me with plenty of opportunity to get the camera out.

  8. Wellywoman, Thanks! This subject was my summer challenge so I'm very pleased, especially as the bee has his proboscis ready for action. Love the bug world, especially in macro - got a stunning spider photo recently but I've already done spiders as my Saturday Snap! Hope you get lucky with the photos! Caro x


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