29 Sept 2011

As luck would have it ...

I just wanted to say a big Thank you! to Tracey at igrowveg.com.  She recently ran a comments competition on her excellent website, asking which winter veg we were growing in our respective plots or gardens and I won one of her prizes.  How thrilling!  It was my comment about the cut and come again cauliflowers flourishing in my veg patch that caught her attention; this is a vegetable that I'll be writing about in my next post.

So, I now have no more excuses for being tardy with my veg patch next year because I've been sent a Veg Patch Planner, beautifully illustrated by Siobhan McCrudden of EarthedUp.

Veg Planner

I especially like the January illustration, seen above, as this suggests that I should be feet up, in a large comfy armchair, snoozing under my seed catalogues with a large mug of hot tea nearby.  Ooh, I can only hope!

I was unaware of this shop site before and I know nothing about it except that there are some nice hand-illustrated garden themed cards and posters available and I'm always happy to support the work of a fellow illustrator.


  1. congratulations - you prize winner you - well deserved I'm sure. The nice thing about reading other people's blogs is that you find other interesting blogs to read as well. Tracey's blog looks really informative.

  2. Congratulations, it's always nice to win a prize in a competition. Looking forward to hearing about your cut and come again caulis.

  3. Beautiful looking planner Caro. Well done you on winning it. I'll be relying on your for planting prompt next year now!

  4. Elaine, thanks. Glad you like Tracey's blog and that I was able to suggest some new reading material for you.

    Jo, post about the caulis coming shortly!

    SVG, I'll do my best! How are you doing with the October sowings??

    Caro xx

  5. This planner looks beautiful, reminds me of the famous vitamins poster, but far more vivid!

  6. Hello doodling Jenny, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. Am pleased to have found your blog and will look forward to reading as your garden design course progresses. And yes, I think that's what drew me to this poster - simple yet effective! Caro x


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