19 Sept 2010

The Cheerfulness of Chard:

Isn't this fabulous?!  First year that I've grown chard - and I've yet to actually eat any of it - but those colours are a real show-stopper on the Veg Patch.  Love it!

(Note to self:  grow it in a higher bed next time to better display the stems!)

In case of interest: Bright Lights Chard, Johnsons seeds, sown into recycled council compost in raised beds, open aspect but shaded early pm onwards.  Well watered by the weather.


  1. Beautiful photo! I have always been fascinated by Chard but never had a bash at growing it. I bought some Bright Lights seedlings today on a whim and I am going to try to overwinter them in a small polytunnel.

    Fingers crossed for some beautiful Chard like yours in the spring!

    I LOVE your blog, I stumbled across it on the UK Veg Gardeners website. I love what you have done with the space at your estate, I am a Londoner and lived on council estates all my life until I moved away, so I appreciate how space is so rare and limited. Do you mind if I add your blog to my favs?

  2. Thanks for the lovely compliments, Karen - you've made my day! Chard is one of those veg that overwinters well and I think the weather is just warm enough to get them started. Would love to be added to your faves - and will do likewise!

  3. This is the first year I've grown chard too. I'll be growing it again as I love leafy green veggies, and it's so easy to grow.

  4. By the way, I'm from the same neck of the woods as you! I do miss Hampstead Heath.

    Thanks for your advice on my Leeks, they probably have the hottest place in the garden! Doh! Ah well, one to think about next time!


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