30 Nov 2009

A Walk on the Wild-ish Side …

It seems that many people in blogland were giving a nod to the American tradition of Thanksgiving last Thursday.  I spent a part of my childhood living in the USA (Florida) so it's a day that still gives me pause for thought.

I mentioned at the time that I was off for a walk in appreciation of a beautiful sunny afternoon and winter colour on Hampstead Heath.  So an hour and a half of fresh crisp air later and what have we got?  Yup. Plenty of colour still out there!

Blue sky, Yellow leaves, Purple Hebe, White Fatsia, Green Moss, Red berries:


And on the way home, growing in someone's garden, a new plant to me:


which, thanks to the December issue of 'Gardens Illustrated', I now know is Callicarpa bodinieri.
(My photo doesn't do this plant justice; the berries are a real pop of purple and the leaves a deep, glossy green.  A real treat for colour-starved eyes!)

So what am I thankful for?  Winter sunshine, gardeners who make the world a more beautiful place, the opportunity to grow veg and flowers outside my own door, good friends to share this with, living so close to one of the great London green spaces and - of course - all of my family and friends.
Hope you also had the space and time to reflect.

Caro x


  1. I planted one of these in my perennial border this year. They are nicknamed Beauty Berry in Canada. It seems impossible to photograph them and get that purple to appear even close to the real thing!

  2. Hi Erin, It's a shrub that I look out for, starting at this time of year (September) as the berries are starting to take on that beautiful colour! I can see why they'd be named Beauty Berry, that's very apt. I must seek one out to plant here at York Rise as I have plans to redo our overgrown perennial border. Thanks for commenting! (and reading through all the way back!) xx


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