23 Nov 2009

Trying to like Beetroot …

A couple of week's ago I suffered a touch of the "blogger's black hole" (my brain got distracted by half term holidays and wouldn't produce anything worth reporting) and because of that I don't think that I mentioned our beetroot had finally matured into an edible state.  There it is, in the photo above.  Quite respectable, don't you think?

Before the weekend, I retrieved some of our beetroot from the Veg Patch.  I'm trying to overcome my dislike of beetroot by trying the home-grown variety in a number of guises.  (After all that thinning and watering and nurturing, I have to at least try.)

First up:  Cooked Beetroot.

Wash and chop leaves off to 3 cm, leave the roots intact (stops the colour bleeding out), then put in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil.

Simmer 30 to 40 minutes. Pull one out to test - they're done when they peel easily.

Drain and cool.  (Oops, 'scuse fingers!)

Peel and slice.

So, cooked by boiling, then cooled, peeled and tasted (no dressing).
Verdict: Not bad, but not hankering for seconds; quite nice eaten warm.  Fabulous looking.

P.S.  I also tried them par-boiled and then oven-roasted with parsnips, butternut squash, sweet potato and Vivaldi potatoes.  Verdict: other veg - yummy;  beetroot - yeeuch!


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