1 Jul 2018

Dappled Shade

Can you believe this summer weather we're having in the UK? Day after day of cloudless blue skies, hot sunshine and gentle breezes.  Just fabulous; it beats the hell out of sitting indoors complaining about continuous rain which is what we've generally had to contend with in previous summers.

No, this summer is the stuff that childhood memories are made of and we Brits will probably be talking about it for some time.  You know how we do love to chat about our unpredictable weather. But, and please don't think I'm complaining, I'm not partial to gardening in extreme heat.  It makes me go a bit wobbly so, generally, I try to avoid the midday heat.  Frequently though, I get so involved in what I'm doing that I lose track of time and, as luck would have it, I have a nice little spot of shade to head into for a cool down. The importance of a small corner of dappled shade in a garden can't be overemphasised in my opinion, even in a country that's prone to soggy summers.

If I'm in the veg patch, I can take refuge in the shade of the fruit trees. They're in an east facing walled border so by early afternoon when the heat is starting to get to me, the height of the trees throws some welcome dappled shade. The low wall at the front of the border is the perfect height for sitting and watching the garden while catching a cool breeze. I highly recommend everyone makes the most of any shade in their gardens; it's a chance to enjoy the garden and watch the wildlife. Care to join me?

Lots of fruit on the Braeburn apple trees, but it's the cool shade under the leaves that I'm after.

Long stems of Scabious atropurpurea 'Kudos' dancing in the breeze. Bees love the flowers.
These were dug up and brought home from the allotment a few weeks ago. Being transplanted doesn't seem to have bothered them and they're still in the green recycling tub that I used to transport them.

I've never managed to get this Crocosmia to flower but it was from Mum's garden so it stays.
A useful plant for wafting in the breeze, bringing motion to the garden. I love the way it catches the light.

I took ages to get this shot on a breezy day but fair play to this ladybird, she hung on during her roller coaster ride.

Dappled shade under the cherry trees. Ten days ago, this fruit was only just starting to ripen; now it needs picking before it's discovered by birds and the juice found swiftly thereafter by wasps and ants!

How are you coping with this summer heat?


  1. Oh, dappled shade is just the thing on hot days like this. Lovely to just sit and watch the wildlife. Aren't the cherries colourful, mine are sour sadly! Loved that ladybird pic.xxx

    1. It is indeed, Dina - especially if you have to be outside. My cherries are sour as well, they look so wonderful and the heat this year has made them mature faster but also they're a tiny bit sweeter. I've been able to snack on them while gardening and it hasn't been quite as excruciating as in previous years!! :oD xx


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