22 Mar 2011

Sunflower Challenge 2011

Last year I encouraged the Veg Patch Kids to grow sunflowers, just for the love of growing spectacular plants.  We planted them in a row against a warm sunny wall where their large yellow blooms nodded gaily at passers-by and drew some very complimentary comments.  (The Veg Patch sits in a 'sunken' garden so the flowers, despite being over 6' tall, were at eye level!)

We'll do the same this year (but, hopefully, with lots more flowers planted).  It's such a fun thing to do with children that nearly everyone does it and, if you haven't got your seeds yet, can I point you in the direction of a Sunflower Challenge that's being run to raise funds for Compton Hospice?  The name will only be familiar to people in the West Midlands.  As this is where one of my sisters lives, I can vouch for this being a very worthwhile cause.  I know it through the annual fund raising efforts of local people;  in my sister's street, a friend and neighbour makes legendary jams and chutneys from her brother-in-law's allotment and sells the lot in aid of Compton Hospice.

For a £2 donation, which buys you sunflower seeds, enter the competition (as a family, school or group) and be in with a chance to win lovely prizes.  Or do it just for fun, knowing that the beauty growing in your garden is making a difference to someone's life.

More info about the competition here - and this is where you'll also find an e-book of sunflower activities to do with the kids, download for free.


  1. I adore sunflowers! We try to encourage our children to get involved with growing something in the garden, I believe their favourite to be sunflowers.

    Usually we have a little competition to see who can grow the tallest one! Last summer I forgot to tie some of mine to their stakes...the winds took them down :( Plan of action this year to stake properly! I'm off to have a look at your link x

  2. Hi Karen, the wind also took ours last year and had to be propped up with a frame of bamboo and hazel poles. Staking is going to be essential for me too this year - plus I'm planning to grow a mini-field of dwarf sunflowers that won't blow over! C x


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